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Flair, a legendary brand made for the passionate about sport lifestyle.

Founded in 1993 Flair revolutionized the sport lifestyle world.

Our Mission & Vision

Custom made mass production!

The design team, backed by strong artistic management, maintains the continuity and coherence of the brand’s established style.

Flair is a lifestyle, a way of being, one step ahead a state of mind.
Know-how that never goes out of style.

FlairThe brand offers a wide variety of styles, from technical to casual sportswear.
FlairThe brand maintains a balance between the dynamic “urban city” style and the sport functionality and comfort!

The stylist create prototypes which are then put together in our design workshop.
Professional Products For Professionals

The choice of champions all over the world.
Flair clothes and shoes are a natural extension to one’s personality, an expression of spontaneous and natural lifestyle.
The distinctive Flair logo evokes a passion for freedom.
Flair is a winning combination of advanced sportswear research, ultimate comfort and professional craftsmanship.
The choice of champions all over the world.
Those who select Flair are looking for freedom and care, for selection of the newest materials, for the best possible price/quality ratio!

Top Quality Production

The prototypes are based on comprehensive technical drawings which ensure precision cuts and top quality assembly. Each piece of clothing is tried on and tested, fine-tuned and perfected to make sure it’s a product perfectly adopted то the brand values.

Flair Retail Concepts

The evolution of the Flair retail concepts sees the opening of new retail outlets both in shopping centers and on shopping streets.The aim is to create a refined sports environment able to present the collections to the customers in a very modern yet accessible manner. The setting and fixtures are high quality and durable yet very flexible and easy to use.

Our SIS (shop in shop) concept is rapidly gaining popularity with department stores both sports and lifestyle as we offer very interesting core collections in apparel, footwear and accessories.

Flair Affiliation Program

Flair is now experiencing a rapid development and decided to pursue expansion by adopting a system of affiliation in Europe.


Basic principles of Flair affiliation:

  • Support for Sales, Merchandising and window displays
  • Stock completely managed and financed by Flair
  • Take back of unsold merchandise at the end of each season
  • Advertising & marketing support
  • Memberships of the customer loyalty program

The Point Of Sale

  • Minimum Surface area for sales must be at least 60-to 80m
  • №1 location in downtown area
  • City of over 20 000 inhabitants

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